There is so much I am constantly inspired by in this world! Through travel, food, photography, music, fashion, etc. Creativity is EVERYWHERE and I hope that here you can find a place that both encourages and inspires your own unique creativity!  

I'm a girl who loves life, and loves to travel! I haven't only travelled, but lived in several countries foreign to my own! The past decade has literally taken me to the other side of the world and back and I've recently set out on a new adventure, living in London England. 

Throughout my travels I have thought countless times, "I wish I knew this before I came!!" And have Googled my way through many situations! Specifically with trying to find beauty products, food products etc.

From washing your hair to baking cookies, hopefully this blog will help you find a piece of home (or at least something pretty darn close) while living your best life, wherever in the world that may take you! 

                                                                       Kaylene xx