What a great big wonderful world we live in! I've had the opportunity to already see so much of it, although when I look at this map, it sure doesn't feel that way! I'm not setting out to be an expert traveller, disclaimer this is not a travel blog!! But I do hope to create a space for those who love to travel, and those who want to travel more♡

I grew up moving every few years until I was 13, so I was used to the packing, moving, starting over part and I think that really prepared me for the life I now lead.  Ever since I can remember I've wanted to see the world for myself! My aunt worked on cruise ships when I was young and my walls were filled with postcards from places I only ever dreamed of experiencing! My parents always encouraged me to dream big and to do whatever I set my mind to, no matter where in the world it may take me (although I'm not sure they totally meant it).  Nonetheless I was bit by the travel bug the summer I graduated when I spent the summer with my Aunt and Uncle in Ireland and England, and the rest is really history from there. 



CANADA (by birth) 

Home these days is such a foreign concept in many ways. I've spent the majority of my adult life living abroad, but I was born and raised in Canada. The true north, strong and free. I grew up on the west side of the country, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Unfortunately I've only visited the east side a handful of times, but there is still plenty of time for that!

LONDON ENGLAND (currently)

September 2017, I moved to London England to begin a new adventure, because why the heck not!


England 2008-2009. Although I am currently moving to London, I have in fact lived in England before. In a small town outside of Manchester called Carnforth in the Lake District. Truly my first international move, where I first learned all about power/plug converters (burned my hair with a straightener), among many other things! 

Australia 2012-2016. In January of 2012 I packed my bags again and with a one way ticket flew away to a land far far away! I had no idea what to expect, but ended up staying for 4 years and falling absolutely head of heels in love with Australia and her people. I lived and studied in the Hills District of Sydney. Sydney I think will always be the home my heart loves the most. 

New York City 2016. What a year! I traded the sands of Sydney for the snow and concrete of New York. I had never even been to NYC before making this giant leap, and really had nothing planned or sorted when I did, but sometimes when you know you just know. New York is one of the most exciting, exhilarating and overwhelming cities I've ever been a part of. I like to think of it like Disneyland for grownups, or summer camp maybe. All these big kids running around chasing dreams, building careers, finding love. But I think what New York taught me most was myself. It's the city that introduces you to the realist 'you' you'll possibly ever know. It will push you to the edge and then off, but it in a good way. I wasn't able to work there, but had a lot of time to explore the city, safe to say I got to know it pretty well. Due to visa issues, my stay was cut short, but NYC will always be a sort of home to me. 


  • Ireland 2007                                               
  • Paris March 2009 
  • Germany March 2009
  • Greece April 2009
  • Italy April 2009
  • Mexico 2011 & 2017
  • Papau New Guinea April 2014
  • Bali February 2015
  • New Zealand 2015
  • USA: California, Georgia, NYC, Kansas, Washington, Oregon, Tennessee


Kaylene Morris