Here goes nothing. What a whirlwind of a year, of a life really I suppose.  This year alone has taken me to Atlanta twice, Mexico, New York twice, LA, and a beautiful Western Canadian road trip from Saskatchewan to British Columbia and now my newest venture, I've recently moved to London.  I've been waiting to have my ducks in a row for some time now to "officially" start Wildheart Girl, and then came across this quote (on Pinterest of course). 

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing - Eva Young 

Honestly, I didn't like it at all.  I have so many ideas and dreams for what this could be, of all I'd like to share, of how helpful some of this content could hopefully be. I couldn't imagine it all coming undone.

Last year I read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it left me incredibly inspired to create, it encouraged the whisper of "wildheart" within my heart to come into being. I've been cultivating the idea for what feels like forever, sometimes too afraid to begin, sometimes feeling inadequate.  Feeling like my life isn't stable enough to begin (what does that even mean). But that's the Wildheart spirit isn't it? To just do, to be, to create with wild abandonment, full of fear but bravely pressing forward to the unknown. Fear is nearly always present, but you have to choose in each circumstance and situation if you will feel it, and give in to it's rabbit trail of possibility.  In Big Magic, it addresses the thought that if you don't follow and chase the creativity that's in your own heart, your dreams, perhaps you could be robbing someone of the inspiration of their own dreams! And who am I to hold that back from anyone.  So may my dreams inspire yours. Anything is possible you know.  

Disclaimer:: I do not have an Instagram boyfriend or husband or any of that. My phone doesn't take the greatest pictures, and I've left my camera in Canada. I'm not aiming to be a babe blogger chick (I'm not a model, not a graphic designer and don't have money for all that). I'm not trying to be or do anything other than ME. Authentic. Keep it 100. 

Here I sit now, at the ACE Hotel, in Shoreditch London. A bit jet lagged, a bit nervous, a bit excited. Let the adventure begin ♡

Kaylene Morris